The Best Online Shopping Websites for Women in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world. From bargain clothes to high-end, designer goods, the emirate has something for everyone. Online shopping is becoming increasingly common, and many e-commerce sites are popping up. Top websites offer women an extensive range of clothes, accessories, footwear, and more. In this article, let’s explore the best online shopping websites for women in Dubai.

Best online shopping websites for women Dubai

Top 10 women’s online clothing stores in Dubai

There is no shortage of retail stores in Dubai. Many of them have enabled online shopping to attract more customers. Apart from such sites, you can find many established shopping sites that offer products from multiple luxury brands across varying price levels. Some of the top options women in Dubai like to shop at are the following.

Website Key features
SIVVI Fast delivery and returns
Namshi Varying price ranges
Amazon Wide variety
Shein Affordable
H&M Sustainable, trendy
Bloomingdale’s High-end products
Ounass Luxury brands
Zara Well-established brand
ASOS Top trending brands
Chic Le Frique Latest designs


The fashion boutique company Sivvi was founded in 2014. Noon AD Holding owns it. Noon is an e-commerce giant in the Middle East and offers clothes and accessories on its main website and app. However, it launched Sivvi to exclusively provide fashion and luxury products to men, women and children.

The website provides clothing and accessories across varying price options. There is a separate category that features the products of premium brands. The site runs promotions from time to time, and shoppers can buy top clothes at bargain prices. The site enables fast delivery, with the average time being 1-2 days. Moreover, the process of returning clothes to Sivvi is fast and efficient. The website is known for selling authentic products and has excellent user reviews.


namshi online shopping for women

Since 2011, Namshi has been much loved by residents of the UAE for its wide range of high-quality, affordable clothes and other products. The site hosts incredible sales frequently, with up to 90% off on some branded products. Both cash and credit payments are accepted on the site.

Some well-known brands the site promotes are Nike, Missguided, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Puma and Skechers. There is a separate section called Namshi Premium which features products from high-end brands like Emporio Armani, Hugo, Dyson and Pandora. A wide range of electronic beauty products is available on the site.


Amazon womens clothes Dubai

The e-commerce company Amazon, founded by Jeff Bezos, needs no introduction. It sells everything under the sun, from safety pins to large electronic appliances. The site offers many shopping options for women, including clothes, makeup, haircare accessories, skincare products and more. Some products are shipped from all over the world.

The average delivery time depends on the seller and can range anywhere from a day to a week or two. It is possible to get a premium membership on the site, which provides several exclusive benefits, including free and fast delivery. Promotional offers are introduced frequently, and several promo codes are made available.


Shein women's clothes Dubai

As a fast fashion retailer based in China, Shein is known for selling affordable products. It is not the ideal website to shop for the goods of well-known luxury brands. It was launched in 2008 and has over 10,000 employees around the globe. The company operates entirely online. Moreover, the site’s official Instagram page has over 21 million followers.

In general, the delivery time to Dubai from Shein is quite long. It can take 1-3 weeks for the products to be shipped to your address, sometimes more. The site introduces thousands of new products every day.

Shein runs flash sales daily, with which the prices of several products drop dramatically. The styles and clothing options on the site are incredible. There is a reward point system that converts to cash credits on the next purchase. It is usually given out to customers who buy goods from the site and share personal reviews.


The chain retailer brand H & M primarily operates in the real world and has stores worldwide. Its products are relatively affordable and are typically made from high-quality materials. The company drops new collections in collaboration with famous designers regularly.

Furthermore, it is actively involved in various projects that boost sustainability in the textile industry. Some products are made from recycled materials and even processed food waste. Now, the company is experimenting with fashion in the metaverse as well. All in all, the brand is hip and socially conscious, making it one of the top clothing sites for women in Dubai.


The products and shopping experience at Bloomingdale’s are regarded as upscale. In other words, the company is not known for being affordable but more for the premium quality of its products. Massive sales happen regularly on the website. There are plenty of clothes, footwear, accessories, perfumes, makeup and more to shop for on the site. The site further offers home improvement products, including various trendy furniture pieces. A wide range of designer bags is available in a separate category on the website.

Moreover, the company works with over 600 designers. Some of the company’s featured brands are Chanel, Gucci, Tom Ford and Golden Goose.


Owned by Al Tayer Insignia, Ounass is a company that focuses on luxury products. The company works with several top designers like Alexander McQueen, Fendi, Balenciaga, Coach, Prada and Ralph Lauren. Customers can enjoy luxury branded products at upto 70% off on the site during the sale period.

The website sells several quirky and trendy designer home care products, clothes, and accessories. Thousands of products are on the official website, many fresh out of the runway. The delivery time is short, ranging from 2 hours to 1 day in Dubai.


The retail stores of the famous clothing brand Zara are available worldwide, and it is a  highly successful chain. The site’s official website offers an unusually luxurious shopping experience.

Top products are attractively displayed on the site and capture customer attention. There are plenty of categories to explore, including Tops, Bodysuits, Shoes, Lingerie, Beauty, Perfumes, and more. Many products are sold at low prices during the sale period.

The company has encouraged sustainability and ethics in the luxury goods industry for several years. Its global supply chain is known for supporting ethics and human working practices. All the company’s products typically originate in Spain. The company is active across various social media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter.


The British online fashion retailer ASOS is known for running permanent sales. The name stands for AsSeenonScreen. It is because the company’s primary aim was to offer products that are imitations of iconic garments worn in hit movies.

Now, it sells products from over 850 top brands. The website is funky and simple, with an easy-to-navigate layout. Its products are shipped worldwide, including Dubai. The company is active on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Some of its trending brands are Topshop, Reclaimed Vintage, Collusion, and Weekday. The website actively promotes Topshop’s products by giving them a separate category.

Victoria’s Secret

As one of the most popular lingerie brands worldwide, Victoria’s Secret is well known, and its products are highly sought-after. The company’s image has undergone several changes throughout the years. It now aims to be more inclusive and promote healthy body standards among women.

The company works with influential figures like Bella Hadid, Bethann Hardison, Brittany Spencer, and more. Its activities receive wide media attention, and its official social media pages have a lot of followers. In fact, the brand’s main Instagram page has close to 74 million followers.

You can shop for various lingerie, sportswear, swimwear and sleepwear on the official website. The website hosts sales occasionally, where you can get the best products at low prices. It offers several affordable gift options too.

Chic Le Frique

Chic le Frique women's clothes shopping

The clothing and accessories company Chic Le Frique is relatively new to the industry. It offers several products that are ideal for the varying weather conditions of Dubai. Some top categories are Dresses, Playsuits + Jumpsuits + Sets, Kaftas + Kimonos+Robes, Bottoms, and more. It enables delivery within 3 days worldwide. However, the delivery time is less than 1 day all over the UAE. The website is ideal for shopping for trendy swimwear.

The advantages of shopping online in Dubai

Online shopping Dubai benefits

Dubai is a prime shopping destination, both online and offline.

There are a lot of amazing retail stores in Dubai. Therefore, shopping online and waiting for the products to be delivered might seem pointless. However, there are several benefits to choosing women’s clothing sites, such as the following.

  • Higher convenience
  • Reasonable prices
  • Better choices
  • Easy gifting
  • More control
  • Better informed decisions
  • Zero rush or crowd

Higher convenience

You can shop online wherever you are as long you have a smartphone and a good internet connection. The products of top global brands will be right at your fingertips, even if you are sitting on your couch at home. It is not possible at a physical store. All in all, the convenience that clothing websites for women offer is unparalleled.

Reasonable prices

The best online clothing stores for women organize sales regularly, some daily. It makes it possible to buy luxury products at the best prices. What’s more, some sites offer special coupons that generate big discounts. Such offers are not always available at retail stores, and there is the added expense of commuting back and forth. It is also more difficult to track sales at physical stores compared to websites. Therefore, it is much more cost-effective to shop online.

Better choices

There is a limit to how many products can be displayed simultaneously at a physical store. No such limit exists in an online store. You can choose from thousands of products and even keep your favorite ones on your virtual wishlist. Be it a t-shirt, sandals or even lipstick you want to buy, you will be spoilt for choice.

Easy gifting

Gifting is simple through online shopping websites. The gift will be directly delivered to the receiver’s address and even gift-wrapped at an extra charge. Some sites enable you to create a public wishlist. You can go over the wishlist of the person you want to gift and then pick a product. If you are confused about what gift to buy, you can simply purchase a gift card on the receiver’s favorite shopping website. They can then use the gift card to purchase on the site.

More control

It is sometimes easy to get persuaded by a smooth-talking salesperson. Often, you might end up buying products you do not like. There is no such issue at women’s clothing websites. You can choose products at your own pace without letting a salesperson influence your decisions negatively.

Better informed decisions

Typically, clothing websites for women list each product’s major features. You can take your time going through the specifications before making a purchase decision.

Zero rush or crowd

Physical stores can get crowded sometimes, especially during the weekends and holidays. Wading through a sea of people while searching for products is not a pleasant experience. There are zero crowding problems on clothing websites for women. You can have a leisurely shopping experience while checking out thousands of products.

The disadvantages of online shopping in Dubai

There are several benefits to shopping online. Unfortunately, there are certain disadvantages as well, such as the following.

  • Authenticity issues- some websites sell fake products that are hard to differentiate from the original ones and cause monetary losses
  • Delay in returns- not all websites are efficient in processing returns and refunds
  • Difficulty in trials- it is usually not possible to try out a dress before purchasing it online
  • Shipping time- some websites take a lot of time, even weeks, to ship their products

In conclusion, while there are downsides to online shopping, its pros outweigh the cons. Now that you know all about the best online shopping sites for women’s clothing, go ahead and start browsing!

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