Most Expensive Jewelry Worn By Celebrities

Celebrities love to show off their wealth and status by wearing heavy, expensive jewelry. This is one reason why red carpet looks are so sought after. If you’re wondering about the most expensive jewelry worn by celebrities, here is a list of your favorite A-list actors and their expensive jewelry pieces that made heads turn in awe.

most expensive jewelry worn by celebrities

7 Million-Dollar Worth Jewelry Pieces Worn by Celebrities

  • Elizabeth Taylor’s Krupp Diamond
  • Beyoncé’s Stunning Emerald Cut Ring
  • Iris Apfel’s Multi-Million Dollar Pearls
  • Kim Kardashian’s 20 Carat Wedding Band
  • Mariah Carey’s Whimsical $2 Million Butterfly
  • Cardi B’s $1.4 Million Peach Cobbler Ring
  • JLo’s Emerald Green Stunner

From JLo to Kim Kardashian, all Hollywood stars have a thirst for luxury brands, especially expensive jewelry. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and these Hollywood stars have proved it right. Many actors go above and beyond when it comes to making a statement in the public eye.

So, when expensive clothes are not enough, expensive jewelry steals the show. Here is the list of the 7 most costly jewelry worn by celebrities that deserve a mention.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Krupp Diamond

Elizabeth Taylors expensive jewelry

Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor was renowned for her love of jewels. One of her most prized possessions was the Krupp Diamond necklace, which she reportedly paid $1.1 million for in 1968.

At the time, it was one of the highest prices ever paid for a jewelry piece. The diamond itself weighed 34 carats and was surrounded by additional diamonds. After Taylor’s death, the iconic necklace was auctioned off for $8.8 million.

Beyoncé’s Stunning Emerald Cut Ring

Queen Bey is known for her lavish taste, and her enormous emerald-cut diamond engagement ring from husband Jay-Z fits the bill. The sparkler, which features an eye-popping 20-carat diamond, is rumored to be worth $5 million.

Beyoncé has been spotted proudly showing off her ring on red carpets and in music videos. The one-of-a-kind design by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz perfectly complements Beyoncé’s glamorous style.

Iris Apfel’s Multi-Million Dollar Pearls

At 100 years old, Iris Apfel is known as one of the world’s most stylish women. A highlight of her jaw-dropping jewelry collection is a $6 million Baroque pearl necklace.

The precious piece features over 150 natural pearls ranging in size from 10mm to 20mm, strung together in a rococo style. Apfel inherited the necklace from her mother and still wears it regularly today. Its royal provenance and historical significance make Apfel’s pearls undeniably valuable.

Kim Kardashian’s 20 Carat Wedding Band

Kim Kardashian wedding band

Thanks to her husband, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian knows how to flaunt a serious rock. In May 2022, for their fifth wedding anniversary, West gifted Kardashian a massive 20-carat diamond ring estimated at $4 million.

The oval-shaped sparkler gracefully sits atop Kardashian’s knuckle and perfectly complements her 20-carat wedding band. While Kardashian regularly wears eye-catching rings, this anniversary gift from West is her most luxurious piece of ice yet.

Mariah Carey’s Whimsical $2 Million Butterfly

Mariah Carey is obsessed with nature-inspired jewels. One of her most beloved is a gorgeous diamond butterfly pendant, estimated at $2 million, gifted to her by then-husband Tommy Mottola.

The delicate piece features over 100 carats of conflict-free diamonds meticulously set in 18-karat yellow and white gold to resemble the wings and body of a butterfly in flight. Carey has said the pendant reminds her to spread her wings and be free. She often pairs it with dreamy outfits for award shows and concerts.

Cardi B’s $1.4 Million Peach Cobbler Ring

Rapper Cardi B is known for her outrageous rings, but her most lavish sparkler is one nicknamed the “Peach Cobbler Ring” after her hit single. Designed by celeb jeweler Eliantte and estimated at $1.4 million, the statement piece features over 30 carats of pink diamonds and 10 white diamonds set in a whimsical, curvy design.

Cardi worked closely with Eliantte to bring her vision of natural curves resembling cobbler crust to life. She proudly wears the ring to award shows, showing off her sense of humor and lavish taste.

JLo’s Emerald Green Stunner

JLo's expensive jewelry

Jennifer Lopez has an impressive collection of bling, but one favorite is a 20-carat green emerald-cut diamond ring given to her as a gift by her now-ex Ben Affleck. The sparkler is estimated at $5 million and perfectly complements JLo’s collected tone.

She unveiled the ring while accepting the Icon Award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in 2022. Like Lopez herself, the vivid green hue of the diamond makes quite the statement. It’s sure to become a treasured part of JLo’s jewelry box for years to come.

Final Words

Diamonds are the show-stoppers every woman deserves, and these celebrities know this very well. These expensive jewels have a history of their own and add the perfect layer of luxury to each outfit. These wow-worthy jewelry items are just the ideal ornaments that deserve a spot on our list.

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