The 15 Most Expensive Private Jets in the World

Private jets are known for being exclusive, pricey, and luxurious. Even the smallest private jet comes with a hefty price tag. But some models are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and are owned by some of the richest people in the world. Let’s take a look at the top 15 expensive private jets and their value.

Most expensive private jets

15 billionaire luxury private jets

Billionaires and many millionaires prefer to fly on a private jet for a number of reasons. Many of them fly so frequently that they have designed their jets to resemble actual homes for added comfort. Many luxury brands have collaborated with top airlines to design the interiors of expensive private jets. The following are the most expensive billionaire luxury private jets currently in existence.

Jet model Price (in million)
Air Force One $660
Airbus A380 $600
Airbus A340-300 $500
Boeing 747-8 VIP $367
Airbus ACJ350 Custom $366
Boeing 787-8 BBJ $325
Boeing 747-430 $220
Boeing 767-33A/ER $170
Gulfstream III $125
Airbus ACJ319NEO $102
Boeing 757 $100
Airbus ACJ 319 Neo $100
Boeing 737 $80
Boeing Business Jet 2 $75
Bombardier Global 7000 $73

Air Force One

airforce 1 private jet

Air Force One is regarded as the most expensive private jet in the world. It is owned by The United States Air Force and costs a whopping $660 million. It is possible to refuel the jet mid-air. Moreover, it is equipped with the latest security features, including immunity from electromagnetic pulses. The primary purpose of the aircraft is to facilitate the safe and comfortable travel of the president of the United States.

Several luxury facilities are available onboard, including a conference room, kitchen, medical center, bedroom, and office spaces. The kitchen area is so well-developed that around 2,000 meals can be made for a single trip. Plus, up to 100 people can eat in it simultaneously.

Airbus A380

Airbus A380 private jet

As the world’s largest passenger aircraft to date, the Airbus A380 might not sound like an obvious choice for a private jet. Yet, during the Dubai Air Show in 2017, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia bought it for personal use. Many regard the aircraft to be a flying palace, incredibly spacious and furnished with luxury amenities. The jet costs $600 million.

It is one of the heaviest aircraft in existence and weighs close to 1.3 million pounds. The jet has several opulent features, from a car garage and Turkish bath to gigantic workspaces. Moreover, the flight operates with the latest technology and is known for its sustainability through low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Airbus A340-300

Costing $500 million, the Airbus A340-300 is owned by the Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov. The jet is ideal for long journeys and keeps the passengers completely comfortable throughout their stay. What’s more, the plane has a superior range of 13,699 kilometers.

It is known for how well it blends absolute relaxation and luxury through leather furnishings, vast living spaces, a quiet ambiance, and more. There has been much attention paid to each detail of the interior. It is made evident since the owner paid an additional $170 million to ensure perfection. The aircraft is gigantic and is even larger than the one Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, owns.

Boeing 747-8 VIP

boeing 747-8 vip private jet

The Boeing 747-8 VIP is known for being one of the largest airplanes in the world, with a space of 4,786 square meters. It was initially a passenger plane and was later converted into a private jet for a new and unknown owner. It is a plane meant to impress guests, with a spectacular dining hall, workspaces, wide sofa areas, staterooms, and more.

While the jet is grand and spacious, the interior design is surprisingly understated and minimalistic. The world-famous Cabinet Albert Pinto developed it. The current valuation of the aircraft is $367 million.

Airbus ACJ350 Custom

With a valuation of $366 million and an extra $150 million for interior design, the ACJ350 has been built to entertain and impress. There are four bedrooms, a galley, a guest lounge and an elegant dining room available onboard. It is like a mansion on wings that has everything a guest needs to have a luxurious stay. Lufthansa Technik did the major design work of the plane. No information about the owner of the aircraft has been revealed so far.

Boeing 787-8 BBJ

The Boeing Business Jet, also known as Boeing 787-8 BBJ, is popularly known more for its performance than its grand interior design. The aircraft is highly powerful and can fly for 18 hours straight without refueling midway. Its design is luxurious and practical, and the aircraft moves fast thanks to its sleek exterior. The airplane was first revealed during the Dubai Air Show and captured much attention.

Many call the airplane the Dream Jet as it is a marvel to travel in. There are lavishly furnished cabins onboard, including a bedroom and walk-in closet. The jet is usually used for the business needs of HNA, which is an organization in China. It is possible to charter the plane, and the prices start from $70,000 per hour. The plane is valued at $325 million.

Boeing 747-430

The Boeing 747-430 attains a level of grandeur that is rare even among billionaire luxury private jets. It is owned by the Sultan of Brunei, the world’s richest monarch. The plan is the biggest in his wide collection of private jets.

The total valuation of the jet is $220 million, of which $120 million has been spent on personalizing the interiors alone. The remaining $100 million was given to Lufthansa for developing the aircraft.

Inside, the airplane is a sight for sore eyes. There are golden washbasins, colorful floors, Lalique crystal features, and much more inside this lavishly made jet.

Boeing 767-33A/ER

Valued at $170 million, the Boeing 767-33A/ER jet is alternatively known as ‘The Bandit’. Its unique black stripes that slant along the windows make it distinguishable from other private jets. The jet is owned by the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. Equipped with high-end safety features, the jet ensures guests a safe and comfortable ride. An anti-missile system is installed, akin to that of Air Force One.

Inside, the jet offers lots of space interspersed with furnishing details developed from solid gold. A large banquet hall is available where up to 30 guests can socialize. There are generously decorated bedrooms, bathrooms and lounge spaces onboard.

Gulfstream III

Gulfstream III private jet

The Gulfstream III jet model is highly popular among celebrities. The most popular one is the jet of American actor Tyler Perry. Priced at $125 million, it has been turned smart with the latest technology. Apart from a TV, the jet has several electronically controlled features, including window shades and iPod docking stations.

Passengers can enjoy comfortable movie screening, video gaming, music, and more on the aircraft. There are grand ensuite bedrooms where guests can relax during long journeys. The airplane has a maximum cruise altitude of 903 kilometers per hour.

Airbus ACJ319NEO

The Airbus ACJ319NEO combines the best of what a supercar and an airplane have to offer in a luxury private jet. There are 6 versions of this model available, each with its unique interior design.

The private jet has a timeless, classic look with leather and woodwork furnishings. It is also known as Infinito and has been designed to provide its passengers with a grand flying experience. There is a luxury bedroom, galley bathroom and entertainment zone onboard that enable guests to enjoy a comfortable stay. The jet is valued at $102 million, and the owner’s details remain unknown.

Boeing 757

The Boeing 757 is a popular private jet model among celebrities. It is generally used for commercial purposed for long journeys across continents. However, it is possible to charter the plane for private use as well. The most well-known owner is Donald Trump, the former president of the United States.

Many call the president’s jet Trump Force One and has been designed to enable a relaxing and comfortable journey. However, the plane has reportedly not been in use for over 3 years due to certain maintenance issues. The jet is valued at $100 million.

Airbus ACJ 319 Neo

Alternatively called the Airbus Corporate Jet, the Airbus ACJ 319 Neo has well-developed exterior and interior features. It is primarily meant for private charters, not for a single person’s ownership. People can book the jet to make their long plane journeys more luxurious and relaxing. A key feature of the jet is that it enables a smooth ride. The current value of the jet is $100 million.

Boeing 737

The objective of the Boeing 737 is to blend practicality with luxury. As a Boeing Business Jet, it has all the requirements, including a bedroom, office space, shower, entertainment zone, dining area, and more that guests need to have a comfortable journey. The jet offers window seats only, and each seat has been ergonomically designed. An interesting feature of the jet is that it does not stand out from the crowd and resembles a commercial jet from the outside. The valuation of the jet is $80 million.

Boeing Business Jet 2

Valued at $75 million, the Boeing Business Jet 2 started off as a commercial airplane and was then redesigned for private use. It is ideal for long journeys and easily fits anywhere from 25-50 people. Its system has been designed to provide passengers with a safe and stress-free ride. It is up to the owner to design the interiors of the jet. The jet can be chartered for private use for costs starting from $16,000 per hour.

Bombardier Global 7000

The base price of the Bombardier Global 7000 is $73 million. Its valuation will go up by several million depending on the amount spent on personalization by each owner. What private jet enthusiasts love about the model is that it is capable of long journeys across the world. While the jet is expensive, its passengers find it worthwhile. The jet stands out with its burgundy and white color schemes, which is uncommon for private jets of its type.

Key benefits of billionaire luxury private jets

luxury jet rental benefits

A private jet journey is vastly different from a commercial one.

It is established that private jets are highly expensive, and only a few people can afford to own them. Yet, despite the expense, they are regarded as a worthwhile investment. It is because of their various benefits, such as the following.

  • Saves time
  • Lowers stress
  • Provides more accessibility
  • Allows pets
  • Offers better food experiences
  • Enables more luggage space
  • Enhances performance
  • Offers privacy
  • Improves comfort
  • Brings convenience

Saves time

While flying commercially, you have to wait around in long queues for getting your boarding pass, getting security clearance, completing immigration formalities, and much more. The entire process usually takes a few hours. It is not the case if you are flying on a private jet. Everything happens quickly, and you will be taking off within 20 minutes of getting to the airport.

Lowers stress

Since you are sharing space with strangers on a  commercial airplane, long journeys can often get stressful. It includes struggling with low leg and arm space, lack of overhead storage space, washroom hygiene issues, and more. On a private jet, you can enjoy a comfortable stay with minimal stress.

Provides more accessibility

There are several small airports around the world that allow only private jets. You can access those airports through a private jet and land in areas that are more exclusive and convenient. It can further help you save time that would be spent on commuting after landing as well.

Allows pets

A key feature of owning a private jet is that you can bring your pets onboard with zero restrictions. Your pet can enjoy a comfortable journey by your side without being locked up.

Offers better food experiences

On commercial airlines, you have to sticker with whatever food and beverages you get. Sometimes, the food is not good enough and dampens the spirits. On a private jet, however, you cna choose what type of food you want to be served. Instead of relying on pre-packaged boxes, you can enjoy a delightful culinary experience while flying.

Enables more luggage space

Commercial airplanes usually have highly specific restrictions on the amount of luggage you can carry. You will need to pay extra to carry more luggage. On a private jet, you have much more room and freedom to store luggage. Even if you want to carry a large or strangely shaped package onboard, you can do so without issues.

Enhances performance

A lot of airplane journeys are made for business purposes. On a commercial plane, it is often not possible to hold meetings, work on your laptop, and more with privacy. A private jet is a better option in this case as you can continue with your business in your own space. There will be minimal distractions, and you will be comfortable throughout the journey while you work.

Offers privacy

Privacy is a key element that people crave during long journeys which commercial planes lack. On a private jet, you can choose to fly alone or bring your family or friends along. There is no need to share the airplane with strangers.

Improves comfort

Comfort and luxury go hand in hand on a private jet. Many models feature spacious bedrooms, dining areas, lounge spaces, entertainment zones, well-equipped bathrooms, and more. The passengers can enjoy a lavish stay onboard without compromising on comfort.

Brings convenience

While flying commercially, you have to be flexible based on the airplane’s timetable. Sometime,s it is not possible to book last minute trips even in the case of an emergency. On the other hand, flexibility is a key feature of private jet trips. You can choose to depart at any time you want based on your convenience.

All in all, it is fascinating to learn more about private jets, which are like mansions thousands of feet above the land. Private jet experiences are becoming more popular and are likely to be more common in the near future.

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