Everything to Know About the Cast of The Real Housewives of Dubai 2024

Everyone is fascinated by the high life and glamor Dubai represents. Bravo is famous for international spin-offs for The Real Housewives. The show followed high-society babes in London and Melbourne for a few seasons some years back and has been experimental ever since. The Housewives of Dubai cast is promising.

Real Housewives of Dubai

On April 1st Bravo added a spectacular ensemble to The Real Housewives series. For its 11th city, Bravo turned to the glamorous Dubai for its new show. Welcome the Real Housewives of Dubai cast. The show aired in April 2022 and, since then, received record ratings.

So, what is the show about? The Real Housewives of Dubai details the uber-rich lifestyle, stories, and sorrows of Nina Ali, Caroline Brooks, Sara Al Madani, Lesa Milan, Chanel Ayan, and Caroline Stanbury. Shot in beautiful Dubai, you can expect the inside scoop on the high-life social scene and a personal peek into the lifestyles of the rich and (now) famous.

Quick Information about the Cast of the Real Housewives of Dubai

Caroline Stanbury joined the Dubai housewives cast from the ladies of London. Having made waves on that show, she’s joining these five ladies for a trip around Dubai. Stanbury is also pretty tight with Lindsey Lohan, the famous child star. Many have wished to see her on the show, as she’s now married and living in Dubai. Nina Ali expressed her wish to work alongside Lohan, claiming she would be a “great addition to the show.”

Who knows? Hollywood may make an appearance. So, are you curious about the fabulous cast of Real Housewives of Dubai? Read here to know about these desert beauties.

Caroline Stanbury

Stanbury is a seasoned name in the world of reality TV. This Bravo alum previously appeared on Ladies of London in 2017, amassing a voluminous following. Shortly after the Ladies of London wrapped up, Stanbury moved to Dubai with her three kids and star-studded husband, Sergio Carrallo, the former Real Madrid player. She currently hosts a podcast called Divorced Not Dead, detailing relationships.

Caroline Stanbury

Life in Dubai has been a journey for Stanbury. She says it’s fascinating and fun and looks like she’s settling quite well there when she shared, “..if you make your home in Dubai, they actually really sort of take you under their wing.” We can’t wait to see Stanbury explore the city on the show.

Nina Ali

Born in beautiful Lebanon and raised in feisty Texas, Nina Ali is a force to be contended with. She’s a content creator, a businesswoman, and a pro at TikTok. She has a glamorous fashion sense and wardrobe to match, and she also co-founded a fruitcake company, reviving the love of old desserts.

Nina Ali

Nina met her husband, Munaf Ali, and moved to Dubai in the last decade and has three children. Her husband is British Indian and is currently the founder and CEO of Phoenix Store in the UAE and a finance mogul. Ali is a woman of all trades and a great addition to the star-studded cast of Real Housewives of Dubai.

Caroline Brooks

Brooks is a powerhouse. Born and raised in Boston, this Honduran businesswoman is a philanthropist, real estate director, and founder of Dubai’s high-class luxury beauty salon, The Glasshouse Dubai. After living in Massachusetts, she moved to Dubai with her son and her now ex-husband.

Caroline Brooks

This single mom brings fire to the Real Housewives of Dubai cast with her personality and hunt for love. Since her divorce, she dated Hassan Joho, a Mombasa governor, and Jude Ighalo, a Saudi soccer player. Here’s to finding love in Dubai as an empowered woman.

Sara Al Madani

Al Madani was born and raised in the UAE and became an entrepreneur when she was 15. Now, she is living the high life in Dubai as a single mother of one, twice divorced, and as an entrepreneur, investor, and speaker. Al Madani grew up around cameras as a public speaker, and filming for reality TV was a new venture for her.

Sara Al Madani

She claimed it was challenging but felt comfortable with the cooperative team and crew. On the lookout for love and more impressive opportunities, Al Madani brings her journey to the Bravo show. Al Madani also holds an honorary doctorate from Eton University in Business Administration, Leadership, and Women Empowerment.

Lesa Milan

Born in exotic Jamaica and having lived in Miami, Milan met her husband Richard Hall, an influential financier, and had three boys before moving to Dubai. Milan is also a fashion designer and currently working on her luxurious maternity line, Mina Roe. She’s designed for Beyonce once, too!

Lesa Milan

Milan has been very open about her traumatic childhood and challenges in her personal life. Yet, despite that, she has managed to keep her family out of the spotlight. Beautiful, conscious, and tenacious, Milan is a fiery addition to the Real Housewives of Dubai ensemble.

Chanel Ayan

Ayan is Dubai’s first person of color supermodel. Originally named Pillott, this beautiful and intelligent housewife goes by Ayan and is a beauty expert running a talent agency in Dubai. She also dabbles in makeup and skincare and is creating her product line. She married the love of her life, Chris, at a simple wedding in Brazil. The couple has one child.

Chanel Ayan

Ayan is a revolutionary addition to the cast. She delves into her experience of her Ethiopian and Somali descent and touches upon socially taboo topics like female genital mutilation. This empowered supermodel is an advocate for the rights of young children and explores her life in Dubai with her family on the show.

“The desert is ruthless, but nothing is more savage than me.”

The Real Housewives of Dubai Cast

We want to know so much more about our gorgeous housewives and their lives. Are you ready for some mind-blowing facts? Here we go. Get to know your housewives!

Husband Children Networth
Caroline Stanbury Sergio Carralo 3 $30 million
Caroline Brooks Divorced 1 $4 – 6 million
Nina Ali Munaf Ali 3 $1 billion
Sara Al Madani Divorced 1 $3 million
Lesa Milan Richard Hall 3 $5 – 9 million
Chanel Ayan Chris 1 $1.5 million

Dubai and Luxury: The Real Housewives of Dubai Style

The show is full of gorgeous wardrobes and decadent lifestyles as it details these six women’s intimate lives and friendships. Dubai is home to the best luxury brands in the city, and the Real Housewives of Dubai cast is a testament to the shopping haven this desert oasis is.

Feisty, full of drama and heartwarming moments, The Real Housewives of Dubai is one of the best Bravo has curated. It has a solid rating of 72% on Google and has been rated 3.5/5 stars or more by viewers. The show’s cast shows off the cocooned high life in Dubai, the heart of the United Arab Emirates.

Are you curious about the looks your favorite housewives are wearing? Check them out here today. Catch the Real Housewives of Dubai on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV, and more.

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