What to Think About When Buying a New Fragrance (Perfume) in Dubai

Dubai is an ideal destination to shop for perfumes. Many global brands and local, Arabian perfumes are available across various shopping malls and souks. With so many varying fragrances to choose from, it can be confusing to figure out which one is the best perfume in UAE for you. Check out the top things to remember when buying a new perfume in the emirate.

Buy new fragrance Dubai

Tips to consider while buying brand perfume for women and men

Buying perfume for yourself is not a mammoth task. However, you might end up with a fragrance that is not worthwhile because of simple mistakes. Several luxury brands Dubai are available that offer perfumes, so it can be confusing as well. Here are a few steps to buy the most suitable one.

  • Differentiate between fragrance types
  • Choose quality over affordability
  • Don’t rely too much on descriptions
  • Test it on various body parts
  • Allow the perfume to dry
  • Don’t overwork your nose
  • Consider your personality
  • Give it a trial first
  • Prioritize your own opinion
  • Blend until it’s perfect

Differentiate between fragrance types

Different perfume types Dubai

Various types of fragrances are available, such as floral, musky, woody, fruity, oriental, and more. One is not better than the other; it depends on personal preferences. Do thorough research on various types of perfumes beforehand. It will help you figure out which type of fragrance suits you the best, so you can narrow your options accordingly. Note that even if you choose one type of fragrance, there are many options to try out under it.

Similarly, you need to distinguish between eau de parfum and eau de toilette, and determine which one seems better for you before buying a perfume.

Difference between eau de parfum and eau de toilette

Eau de parfum contains a high concentration of perfume oil, anywhere from 12% to 18%. On the other hand, the concentration is lower in eau de toilette and is generally 8-12%. Therefore, eau de parfum has a much stronger fragrance than eau de toilette.

Similarly, the fragrance of eau de toilette lasts for 4-6 hours, while eau de parfum lasts for 8-10 hours. If it is a long-lasting fragrance you are hoping for, then eau de parfum is your pick.

Due to stronger fragrance concentration and longevity, eau de parfum is typically more expensive than eau de toilette. Therefore, if you are hoping for a more affordable option, you will likely have to choose eau de toilette.

Eau de toilette has a fresh and light fragrance that many people enjoy. In the case of eau de parfum, the scent is deeper and richer. People who are highly sensitive to smell typically choose eau de toilette as it does not irritate the nose. It is ideal for people who believe that less is more. However, if you want to make your fragrance obvious, then eau de parfum is the top pick.

Choose quality over affordability

There are several perfumes available in Dubai that are inexpensive and smell strong. It might seem appealing at first as it appears to give you more value for your money. However, this usually turns out to be a mistake. You might end up with a perfume that smells too pungent and boggles the senses.

While another perfume might be expensive and come in a small bottle, it can provide a much better fragrance. Plus, the fragrance is likely to last long if the perfume is of high quality.

Moreover, several cheap perfumes are simply replications of more expensive ones. The original will have the accurate blend of essential oils and fragrances that a copy cannot achieve in the exact same manner. So it is likely that the fragrance of the cheaper option will feel off balance.

Similarly, high-quality perfumes are made of non-irritating and skin-friendly ingredients that do not cause serious health concerns. A cheaper perfume is typically made of low-quality ingredients to bring down the price. They can damage your health in the long run and even cause reactions to the skin. Therefore, it is advisable to pick a premium quality perfume, even if it is costlier, instead of a cheaper one.

Don’t rely too much on descriptions

A fragrance is a mixture of several different types of essential oils and other ingredients. A single perfume bottle may be developed out of hundreds of varying elements. Therefore, even if the perfume description contains ingredients that do not sound appealing, do not be quick to reject it. Some fragrances might sound strange in theory, but actually, they smell incredible.

For example, black pepper is the last thing anyone would imagine adding as an ingredient to a perfume. You might generally dislike the smell of black pepper. However, it is a key element of several perfumes. It adds a spicy undertone to a fragrance, making it richer and more appealing. A perfume with elements of black pepper might be just what you were looking for, even if it sounds unusual. Moreover, the smell of black pepper may not even be obvious but may be used to enhance the other elements.

Test it on various body parts

Generally, people try out perfume by spraying it on their wrists. While this is not a bad idea, testing it out on various parts of your body is recommended. For instance, you can spray it on your arms and determine how the perfume smells as you keep wearing it. Roll down your sleeves and preserve the fragrance for a better understanding.

You can keep checking how the perfume works as time passes before deciding to make a purchase. It might alter the fragrance if you wear any type of jewelry, particularly metal ones. You can also wear the perfume on your neck, knees or elbows to understand its longevity. To do so, buying perfume at a physical store is better than doing it online, so you can try out samples and make informed decisions.

Allow the perfume to dry

The salesperson will give you blotting paper at the store to spray perfume on and explore fragrances. Many people make a rookie mistake by smelling the perfume within seconds and deciding whether to choose or discard it. You need to give the fragrance time to settle down and develop completely. Only then can you figure out what the perfume actually smells like.

Better yet, keep the blotting paper in your wallet or purse, and try it out after a while. Make sure that the fragrance has seeped through your purse when you open it later, as it is a sign of its strength.

Don’t overwork your nose

Choose perfumes in Dubai

Nasal fatigue is a common issue that many people face while shopping for perfumes. You will be trying out a variety of fragrances back to back, causing your nose to work overtime and become desensitized. It will hamper your ability to differentiate between perfumes and even figure out their actual fragrances. Therefore, giving your nose a chance to recover in between tests is essential.

You can smell your shirt or skin to let your senses relax. Or else, coffee is ideal to smell to bring balance and reset your nose. In many perfume stores, you can find coffee beans which the salesperson will recommend you to smell. It is a necessary step to avoid missing out on great fragrances.

Consider your personality

Sometimes, a perfume might sound good in theory but does not suit your personality. You need to pick a fragrance that complements who you are for the best effect. For instance, if you consider yourself an outgoing person with a strong personality, then go for a strong and intense fragrance. The fragrance will leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

In this case, a soft understated perfume will clash with who you are. On the other hand, if you consider yourself sensitive and soft-spoken, choose a light, enchanting and even floral scent to pair with your personality beautifully.

Give it a trial first

Try new perfume in Dubai

Ideally, you need to wear perfume for one or several days before you buy it. Wear it on your wrists, arms, knees, neck, behind the ears, ankles, and more. Try it out on a sunny day when you are sweaty, and later at night when it is cold. Wear it throughout the day and check how long the scent lasts. Try it out while wearing various types of jewelry and clothes with different materials. All these measures can help you figure out if the perfume is worth buying.

Many top perfume stores provide samples to take home. Use them to try out the things mentioned above if everything is satisfactory, you can return to the store and buy the perfume.

Prioritize your own opinion

It is always better to shop for perfumes alone. It is because opinions of fragrances vary greatly from person to person. What smells best to you may not seem as great to another person, even if it is your best friend. If you let the opinions of others dictate how your purchase goes, you might end up buying a perfume that you are not satisfied with.

Ultimately, it is all about choosing a fragrance you love and would like to have on you every day. Therefore, your opinion should always be the number one priority. You can seek the expert guidance of the salesperson regarding perfume strength, longevity, quality, and more, but it is ultimately your decision what to purchase.

Blend until it’s perfect

Mixing different fragrances is a good way o develop your unique scent which is distinguishable and memorable. Some perfumes complement each other perfectly and enhance the wearer’s appeal. For instance, you can mix traditional Arabian notes with modern, floral scents to create a mysteriously delightful new fragrance.

The best part is that when you experiment with new and different perfumes, you will be able to develop a fragrance that no one else has. It will help you stand out from the crowd through smell alone. This layering technique has been practiced for several years and might take a few tries to get right. You can request the salesperson to provide suggestions regarding the same.

Buying best perfume in UAE online vs at a store

Buy perfumes at store in Dubai

It is ideal to buy a perfume for the first time at a physical store.

There are pros and cons to buying perfume online and at a physical store in the UAE. The following points will give you a better understanding of which route to take.


Buying from a physical store is recommended if you might need after-purchase services or assistance. For instance, if your perfume bottle starts leaking unexpectedly, or the smell seems off later on, or if the atomizer does not work properly, you can head over to the store and get it fixed. Such things are not usually possible while buying perfume from an eCommerce store.


Online stores compete with retail ones. Hence, they usually offer perfumes at cheaper prices. There are often special discounts and coupon promotions available on these websites which help the customers save a lot of money. On the other hand, a physical store might charge you a higher amount of money for the same perfume.


Perfume quality is largely dependent on factors like storage temperature, age, and so on. At a physical store such things are always taken into consideration to preserve quality and avoid selling inferior products. Stock rotation is a common activity in these stores. At an online store, your product might have been sitting in a warehouse for a long time before being dispatched. It is therefore difficult to determine quality while purchasing perfume online.


There is a higher risk of buying fake perfumes at an online store compared to a physical one. Duplicate perfumes are harmful to your body and cause monetary losses.

Where to buy best perfumes in UAE

New perfumes in Dubai to try

Ladies best perfume is found in different parts of Dubai.

Based on popular opinion, the following are the top stores, both online an offline, to purchase perfumes in Dubai.

Perfume company Customer ratings (out of 5)
V Perfumes 4.9
Dubai Duty Free 4.4
Coral Perfumes 4.4
Sephora 5
Swiss Arabian 4.2
Ajmal 4.7
Yas Perfumes 4.7

Now that you how to buy the right perfume in Dubai, go ahead and make your perfect purchase!

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