Most Expensive Water Bottle In the World: The Acqua di Cristallo

We have all heard of incredibly expensive watches, cars, mansions, and other fashion accessories. Perhaps, the idea of the most expensive water in the world has not crossed our minds yet. Yes, we are talking about the Acqua di Cristallo. It is currently listed as the most expensive water, with a whopping price tag of $60,000. It's interesting to discover the existence of such an expensive bottle of water and some other lesser known facts about it, which is what we discuss in this article. Let’s get started.

Factors that make it the most expensive water

Acqua di Cristallo: Factors that make it the most expensive water

The Acqua di Cristallo water price is mind boggling to say the least. At $60,000, this water is only affordable by the ultra-rich. While one might consider the price of it to be ridiculously expensive, there are reasons why the wealthiest would buy. Following are the three main factors that justify the astronomical price tag of this bottle of water.

  • Source of water
  • Packaging
  • Designer of the bottle

Source of water

Acqua Di Cristallo exemplary statement of opulence

The bottled-water industry is majorly impacted by the increased level of pollutants exposed to the environment. However, this very reason has helped the industry expand into a multi-billion dollar sector.

Companies that specialize in bottled-water spend millions of dollars sourcing the purest and cleanest water for the purpose of consumption. Therefore, the prices at which they are sold in the market are relatively higher than a few decades ago.

Now, you might wonder, what kind of water does a bottle of Acqua di Cristallo have? The water used in one of these 750 ml bottles is sourced from three strategic locations. This includes the springs of France, the glaciers of Iceland and from the islands of Fiji.

The sourcing of water from these locations is a colossal task, involving several levels of complexities. This explains one factor that contributes to the enormous price tag of the bottle.

Acqua Di Cristallo designer of the bottle


Well, you probably guessed it right. A bottle of Acqua di Cristallo is no ordinary bottle of water. The packaging is made of solid 24-carat gold, which of course adds to the cost of the bottle.

Designer of the bottle

Well if that wasn’t already enough, we move onto the designer of the bottle, Fernando Altamirano. Fernando is a master designer known for producing some of the most expensive bottles in the world. His incredible vision and experience in crafting the most sophisticated bottles has made the Aqua di Cristallo a reality today.

Acqua di Cristallo: An exemplary statement of opulence

The Acqua Di Cristallo

From all that we have discussed in this article, you now understand why a bottle of Acqua di Cristallo is the most expensive water in the world. While the water is majorly targeted towards high-networth individuals, the consumer base is still developing. Hence, we decided to shed some light on the world’s most expensive water bottle to help increase its awareness.

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