7 Most Expensive Jewelry Brands in the World

Jewelry can lift even the most boring outfit, agree? When it comes to buying everyday or special diamond ensembles for special occasions, it’s necessary to have the best options in front of you. This is the reason why we have summed up the most expensive jewelry brands in the world under one list, so you know where to search for your next luxury jewelry items. Check the most expensive jewelry brands on this list.

7 Most Expensive Jewelry Brands to Find Exquisite Pieces

  • Harry Winston
  • Bvlgari
  • Cartier
  • Van Cleef Arpels
  • Chopard
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Graff

Any look you decide to take up; will be forever incomplete without the right accessories. If you want to lift even the most basic dress, all you have to do is wear the right necklace, belt, rings, or earrings. In short, accessorizing is far more important today than just simply choosing and wearing a dress.

If you’re stuck in the dilemma of finding the most expensive jewelry brands around the world to spice up your accessories collection, then you’re in the right place. Here’s a list of the top most luxurious jewelry brands that you can look up when you wish to spend your money on the right stuff.

Harry Winston

Harry Winston jewelry brand

Harry Winston, without any doubt, is the King of Diamonds and one of the biggest luxury brands in Dubai. Introduced in 1923, their diamonds have been adorned by many top celebrities, including Madonna, Shirley Temple, Meghan Markle, Julie Andrews, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

It’s one of the most expensive brands around the world due to its remarkable craftsmanship, elegance, and luxurious appeal. Their stunning jewelry is a must-have in any collection, whether you’re looking for a simple ring for everyday wear or a necklace for a special occasion. It’s one of the most expensive jewelry brands that you can try!


Bvlgari, the most expensive jewelry brand

Bvlgari is another high-end accessory brand offering jewelry, fragrances, skincare products, and watches. In case you don’t know, Bvlgari also has a chain of luxury hotels and 5-star resorts for their elite clientele. Most of their clients are celebrities, including Elizabeth Taylor and many others.

If you have a knack for rare gemstones and diamonds, then Bvlgari’s signature ornaments with cabochon stones mixed with sapphires are the one for you. The brand is known for its bold and vibrant gemstones in designs, referring back to the Italian heritage. All of their ornaments are produced in 18-karat gold, so be prepared to look your absolute best in these stunning pieces.


Cartier an expensive jewelry brand

Started in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, this brand has managed to reach the top with its marvelous designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and royal gems. Cartier is a world-renowned luxury brand with the title of ‘The Jeweler of Kings, the King among Jewelers’ given by King Edward VII. This jewelry brand has a history of making royal ornaments, including jewelry and watches.

One of the most famous designs by Cartier is its panther, which is being modified many times according to the customer’s taste. Cartier has managed to stick with its Art-Deco history till today, becoming the epitome of elegance in the jewelry industry.

Van Cleef Arpels

Van Cleef Arpels

Are you a fan of jewelry from the old times? Look no further than Van Cleef Arpels. It’s one of the most luxurious jewelry brands in the world, known for its Old-World ornaments crafted with sheer elegance. They have their specific charm and style that you won’t find anywhere else.

Created by Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef, the brand still manages to produce exquisite pieces with the help of their skilled jewelers. Having a piece from their collection will add five stars to your collection and overall look as well. Don’t miss out on this incredible jewelry brand!


Chopard jewelry brand

Starting with pocket watches and wristwatches for women, the brand soon transitioned into making luxurious jewelry and accessories. They use 18-karat gold along with high-end gemstones in their designs to make sure you look your absolute best in each one of them.

One of their Happy Diamond watches was sold for $1.67 million in 2015 at an auction. From this, you can easily tell that Chopard is definitely worth all your money. Many of their brand ambassadors are celebrities, including Hollywood’s sweetheart Julia Roberts and several others.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. jewelry brand

Tiffany is the name of luxury in the elite jewelry-making industry. Whether you need something for every day, a gift for your loved one, or an ornament for a special occasion, you will find everything in their collection.

Whatever Tiffany produces is a piece of art that looks luxurious on everyone. Get your hands on Tiffany’s timeless, elegant, and royal pieces to look royal from head to toe and uplift your overall look in no time. This most expensive jewelry brand deserves all the recognition in the world for its unique artistry when it comes to accessories.


Graff most expensive jewelry brand

If you love huge gemstones in your accessories, then Graff should be your go-to brand. Their craftsmanship is remarkable when it comes to making expensive pieces. The brand was founded in 1960 and today, they are known to be producing some of the most expensive and luxurious jewels in the world.

Some of their notable collections include The Constellation, The Windsor Yellows, The Graff Pink, The Letseng Legacy, and The Paragon. Each one of them promises a royal and luxurious look to the wearer, so don’t think twice before getting one of their pieces!

Shine Bright Like a Diamond in Top Jewelry Brands

Owning ornaments from top jewelry brands ensures that you never look boring or basic on even a day when you’re not feeling it. All the above-mentioned jewelry brands are perfect to uplift your everyday look like no other.

Whether you go with Tiffany or Graff, all of them are focused on making their wearer feel special at all times. So whether you’re buying a gift for your loved one or simply buying something for yourself, make sure to check all these brands before you make the purchase!

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