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Louis Vuitton bags

Louis Vuitton is one of the classiest bags you can add to your collection, so when it comes to checking out the best Louis Vuitton bags for everyday use, you should not look back. Here’s a quick overview of the 7 of the most popular Louis Vuitton bags you can add to your collection to look versatile forever.

7 Best Louis Vuitton Everyday Bags to Amp Up Your Look

When it comes to designer bags, chances are, you’re already a fan of Louis Vuitton. If there’s one bag that can look perfect on any given day and with any outfit, then it has to be an LV bag. From its sheer leather to the LV monogram, everything about Louis Vuitton is worth the mention. Owned by celebrities and top leaders, the Louis Vuitton bags are a must-have in your collection if you can afford them.

But if you’re looking for something for everyday use, then you might have to look a little harder. Although all LV bags are worth the purchase, a few of them can offer you both class and functionality on any day basis. Let’s dive into the best Louis Vuitton bags for everyday use to add to your collection today.

  • Louis Vuitton Speedy
  • Louis Vuitton Alma
  • Louis Vuitton Neverfull
  • Louis Vuitton LV Pont 9
  • Louis Vuitton Petit Palais
  • Louis Vuitton Noé bag
  • Louis Vuitton Locky BB bag

Louis Vuitton Speedy

Price: 8,000 AED

Louis Vuitton Speedy bag

One of the best Louis Vuitton everyday bags has to be Speedy. Coming with enough space to carry all your things, while, still maintaining the excellence of LV bags, this one never disappoints.

It’s easy to travel on long-haul flights or a trip to the grocery store. The rolled leather handles provide enough comfort to your hands and shoulders and the signature LV monogram all over the bag gives it the classic touch you’re looking for. It’s the best Louis Vuitton crossbody bag that will level up each of your looks without any extra effort.

Louis Vuitton Alma

Price: 7,100 AED

Louis Vuitton Alma

Louis Vuitton Alma is another classy bag from their collection. It’s said that the bag was designed for Coco Chanel for her personal use. The bag’s history makes it very unique and interesting, which is why many people opt for it, even though it’s the perfect mirror of practicality.

The Alma bag is 36 cm in length, has a zippered closure, and a wide compartment to let you carry all your belongings. It can be carried on one shoulder or as a crossbody for the added convenience of the wearer. This classic bag has been in the LV family for a long time and is a must-have for every fashion lover. This best Louis Vuitton everyday bag is perfect to carry everywhere.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Price: 7,950 AED

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Neverfull is not just a name of the bag, it’s more of a challenge by LV to all its wearers. It’s one of the most popular tote bags of all time and for all the right reasons. Whether it’s snacks, a laptop, or all your life – you can carry it in this bag without damaging anything. Neverfull has definitely lived up to its name and is the best Louis Vuitton bag for everyday use for everyone!

Louis Vuitton LV Pont 9

Price: 16,000 AED

LV Pont 9

Not a fan of big bags? Don’t worry; Louis Vuitton has got you covered. Their LV Pont 9 is a saddlebag handbag that can be easily carried everywhere with all your essentials. Coming with an envelope flap and a shoulder strap, this handbag is the real image of sophistication, elegance, and timelessness.

The golden-brown color adds an unavoidable pop of color to your everyday outfit, but if you like subtle versions, then the black and cream shades work fine too. The bag comes with two compartments to let you put everything in one place. This is another best Louis Vuitton crossbody bag that you can add to your collection.

Louis Vuitton Petit Palais

Price: 10,700 AED

Louis Vuitton Petit Palais

Next on the list is LV Petit Palais, which is a modern-day bag with enough compartments, exceptional design, and high durability. Except for the LV paddle lock, you won’t find anything other than the LV emblem on the bag. The long handles let you carry the bag on your arms or you can even take out the adjustable and removable shoulder strap to take the bag everywhere you go.

It comes with a central zipper to keep your items safe and secure at all times. The bag has a briefcase-like design, which makes it the best option for professional women. Get this beautiful Louis Vuitton everyday bag for yourself to

Louis Vuitton Noé bag

Price: 7,900 AED

Louis Vuitton Noe bag

If you want a rather unconventional design to add to your collection, then the Louis Vuitton Noé bag won’t disappoint you. Rumor has it that the bag was first designed in 1931 by Gaston-Louis Vuitton, LV’s grandson, for the sole purpose of carrying champagne bottles to avoid any damage to them. The bag still has most of its shape, but it serves more than one purpose now.

This LV bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, so you can carry it with ease. The interior comes with a zipper as well, so you can keep your important things safe and secure in your LV bag.

Louis Vuitton Locky BB bag

Price: 8,500 AED

Louis Vuitton Locky BB bag

Last on the list is the Louis Vuitton Locky BB bag, which is perfect for people who don’t like to carry a lot of things in their bag. This LV bag comes with a top handle for the wearer’s ease. A crossbody strap is also given with the bag, so you can wear it as you like.

This handbag comes with an extra touch of finery as you can guess from the looks of it. What further makes it look dainty is the addition of a big gold-lock at the center. If you’re looking for a Louis Vuitton bag for everyday use, then it has to be one!

Stand Out from the Crowd with the Best Louis Vuitton Everyday Bag

Louis Vuitton bags hold great importance in the world of fashion. You can never go wrong with an LV bag in your closet. The above-mentioned list can help you get the best LV bag for your collection to look your best self at all times. Make the purchase now and look versatile wherever you go with your LV bag!

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