5 Best Maison Goyard Bags: Exploring the Best from Maison

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Barely visible logo yet Maison Goyard is making rounds among celebrities, including Kerry Washington, Rihanna, Zoe Saldana, and others. If you’re looking to buy from the best Maison Goyard bags, then you’re on the right path. However, selecting your first bag from their line can be a bit tricky. Don’t worry; this guide covers the 7 best Maison Goyard bags that you can buy without giving it a thought.

Maison Goyard Review: 5 Best Bags from the Collection

Founded by the House of Martin and Morel, Maison Goyard was launched in 1792 and still has no social media accounts. Goyard’s distinctive craftsmanship can be seen from its use of a unique material, called Goyard, for the manufacturing of its bags.

It’s a combination of cotton, hemp, and linen, which makes the material stain and water-resistant. The chevron pattern is also synonymous with Goyard bags, so you can spot it from miles away.

This luxury brand does not rely on celebrity endorsements, e-commerce, advertising campaigns, or other methods to promote their products to amp up desirability. There are only 35 locations where people can go buy the Goyard bags. Today, the best Maison Goyard bags are seen in the arms of major celebrities, making this luxury bag a must-have for everyone.

If you don’t what should be your first Maison Goyard bag, then here’s a list of the 7 best bags from the Maison Goyard collection to purchase right now.

Maison Goyard Belvédère

Belvedere best Maison goyard bags

In case you want a small yet functional bag from the Maison Goyard line, then it has to be the Belvédère. This masterpiece is inspired by the summer houses (belvederes) in central France above the town of Clamecy. Don’t think twice before investing in this gorgeous accessory.

This beautiful PM bag is lightweight and comes in many shades, including green, yellow, black, white, and several others to match everyone’s taste.

You can easily organize your belongings in this stylish crossbody bag, thanks to the inside and outside compartments. The old version of the bag had two buckle closures, while, the new one only comes with a single pull-through closure on the front flap.

Maison Goyard Anjou

Maison Goyard Anjou bag

Named after the Duke of Anjou, this classic Maison Goyard bag is designed on the same Goyardine canvas and comes with an open-top design. If you’re looking for stylish French designer tote bags, then this one is all you need.

Even if it’s expensive, the Anjou bag is the most versatile and quickly selling bag from the Maison Goyard collection. This is simply because of its sought-after sizes to help you keep all your belongings in one place.

This leather version Goyardine bag can be easily carried everywhere, thanks to the comfort and ease it offers. You can get it in many colors, such as blue, black, red, yellow, orange, etc., and style it differently every time you’re out of your house.

Maison Goyard Cap Vert

Maison Goyard cap vert crossbody bag

Keep everything at hand by choosing the Maison Goyard Cap Vert in your collection. This urban companion is quite practical for everyday use, equipped with a zipped closing system to keep everything safe and secure. You will also get an adjustable strap with this designer bag for added ease and comfort.

You can use it as a crossbody bag or carry it on one shoulder—the choice is yours. White color is sure to lift your summer looks too and guess what? The bag is roomy enough to carry your sunglasses, house keys, phone, lip gloss, and more, even a small snack. This is one of the best Maison Goyard bags, so make sure to get your hands on it before it’s too late!

Maison Goyard Plumet

maison goyard plumet bag

Looking for a little bag that is just perfect to keep all your accessories in one place? If yes, then Maison Goyard Plumet is an elegant choice for all days. This bag can be worn across your chest like a little support bag to carry all your cards, notes, and change for easy access.

The three compartments in this Plumet pocket wallet can adapt according to the style you wish to use them for. This particular bag is very popular in black color due to its versatility. This Maison Goyard review is incomplete without the mention of this ever-so-famous crossbody from their collection.

Maison Goyard St. Louis

St. Louis bag

Light as a feather and small enough to take on your long travels, this Maison Goyard St. Louis tote bag is ideal for everyone. It was first created as a reversible beach bag. You can simply invert the bag and use the Goyardine side to store your wet clothes and towels as this material is water and dustproof.

The bag is named after King Louis IX, which is why it gained a lot of popularity in the early days. Some big celebrities, such as Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Hilary Duff are seen adorning this beautiful bag on the streets. If they can flaunt it, so can you, get your hands on it today!

Maison Goyard: The Ultimate Luxury Bag for Every Taste and Style

Now that you know about the best Maison Goyard bags, it’s time to invest in one. Whether you opt for a small bag or a big tote one, you will be happy with the purchase at any cost. The craftsmanship of Maison Goyard is unmatched by any other brand, so don’t waste any time in adding one to your collection.

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