How to Spot a Fake Burberry Handbag 2024

A Burberry handbag is an exquisite item to own. However, it is difficult to determine whether a Burberry purse is original or fake. Unfortunately, counterfeits are far more common than you think; from first copies and knockoffs, it has become hard to distinguish between a Burberry original bag and a fake.

Burbery Bag

Burberry is synonymous with classic tan, navy, and red stripes. The British brand has made a name for itself with elegant products and unique designs. Over the years, celebrities and royals have worn Burberry, a testament to the brand’s quality and timelessness. Burberry products are priced exorbitantly, and as a result, many consumers prefer buying pre-loved Burberry products. But how do you know you’re buying an original or a fake? If you’re interested in investing in a Burberry handbag of London purse, here are a few tips to help you make the right purchase.

How to Tell If a Burberry Handbag Is Real?

An authentic Burberry purse is a piece of art. But with so many Burberry fakes, how do you know you’re buying the real deal?

Examine the Stitch Work

Original Burberry bags have impeccable stitching. Made by professionals trained over decades, the Burberry authentic check should reveal that your bag has the following:

  • Even straight stitching
  • Consistently sized and spaces stitches
  • No loose threads or fraying ends

Furthermore, it would be best to examine the seams along the lining; they should be consistent and clean. Finally, consider inspecting the stitchwork on the handles, flaps, sides, shoulder straps, and inside pockets. Fake Burberry purses usually have bad stitching that gives them away instantly.

Inspect the Folded Bag Tag

One way how to tell if Burberry bag is real is to inspect the folded bag tag, which has the Burberry font on it. The font on the outside should match the font on the tag’s inside. In addition, the product information should contain the style, color, and barcode.

The tag information should match the bag if the Burberry is an original. Burberry prides itself on authenticity. So if there is a mismatch between the tag and the purse, that’s an obvious fake.

Look At the Font of the Burberry Logo

The Burberry font is a very apt way of determining whether your purse is fake or original. The following is what the original Burberry logo looks like:

  • The R’s have a slight tail
  • The U’s have a wider left stem
  • The Y’s have a wider left arm
  • The B’s have a larger lower bowl
  • The E’s have a slightly extended bottom bar

The best way to inspect the logo is to grab a magnifying glass and look at the letters. The logo should be neatly and clearly embossed.

Examine the Metal Plaque

Inside original Burberry bags and purses is a metal plaque or a leather label. The Burberry logo on the plaque or label should be centered, readable, and have sharp lettering. The metal plaque should also be the same color as the metal on the rest of the bag.

Unfortunately, many buyers must remember to scrutinize the mental plaque or leather label. However, most of the time, they miss out on the blurry and untidy engraving. Sadly, the poor engraving is a sign of Burberry fakes.

Burberry bag

Scrutinize the Knight Image and the Haymarket Check Pattern

The popular Burberry Haymarket Check pattern is a faded equestrian knight insignia carefully placed where the red lines intersect. This distinct pattern is a sign that your Burberry is an original.

However, if the knight image doesn’t seem faded and is not on the intersecting red lines, there is a high probability that the purse is a counterfeit.

Examine the Plaid Pattern on the Bag

A genuine Burberry purse has the classic plaid. Burberry is known for its plaids, for example, the Classic Check, Nova Check, and House Check. These are a combination of colored stripes and a background.

Original Burberry purses have precise straight lines. They are clean and simple. Any irregularities in the plaid pattern or colors are a tell-tale sign that the Burberry you’re holding is a counterfeit.

Observe the Zippers

The original Burberry handbag have the YKK zippers by Riri. The Zippers also have an engraving of the Riri logo. Another feature to watch out for is how smoothly the zippers close and open, as Burberry is a testament to high-quality manufacturing.

The Burberry bag zippers are always gold or silver and are consistent with the rest of the hardware on the purse. So, for example, if the hardware on your purse is gold, the zippers should follow suit; otherwise, it’s an obvious counterfeit.

burberry bag

Look At the Hardware

All Burberry handbags and purses hardware is made from solid and heavy metal. So how to tell if Burberry bag is real? That’s simple; the original metal is not flimsy, and neither does it chip. It’s durable and resistant to wear and tear.

It would help if you also examined your purse’s equestrian knight symbol or other engravings. An original Burberry purse has a coherent engraving; it’s clear, consistent, and good quality.

Authenticate the Care Booklet Logo

How to tell if a Burberry handbag is real? One way to examine that is to look at the care booklet. All Burberry bags come with a care booklet that bears the original logo. Have the Burberry authentic check at an outlet if you must.

The logo should be printed clearly and centered. If the care booklet does not have the original Burberry font, chances are the purse is fake.


Next time you wonder how to tell if Burberry handbag is real, follow the steps above to authenticate your purchase. If you’re looking for authentic Burberry products, buying from the original outlets or websites that sell originals is advisable.

Another tip buyers use to vet their Burberry products is to compare the bag’s details on the original Burberry website. That’s a foolproof way to determine whether your Burberry is fake or original.

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